General Information

Eco Green Resin

  • Vegetable Oil-Based with 43% Bio-Content
  • Hypoallergenic, Organic and Easy to Use
  • NO  Bisphenol A (BPA) or Epichlorohydrin (both considered toxic and carcinogenic)
  • Safe, No Substantial VOC's and Virtually Non-Toxic
  • Minimal Shrinkage (appr. 0.2%)
  • Virtually No Detectable Fumes
  • Medium Viscosity (thickness)
  • Color is "Dark Green" 
  • 43% Bio-Content
  • UV Resistant
  • Two-Part System (1 Part Resin, 2 Parts Hardener)
  • All-in-One Green Epoxy Resin System that can be used for Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Coatings, Molds, Sealants & Adhesives
  • Data is based on cured resin only without composite. Mechanical properties are enhanced when used with fiber based cloths such as fiberglass, carbon-fiber, hemp cloth, bamboo, etc..

Mechanical Testing Data

EGR Formula 1 (EGRF1)

  • Tensile Strength = 4,921 lbs/i
  • (ASTM D638) - tested under a 2,375 lb. load with sample size equal to 0.76 in. wide x 0.63 in. thick - higher tensile strength possible when used with a composite*
  • Tensile Elongation = 32%
  • (ASTM D638) - tested under a 2,375 lb. load with sample size equal to 0.76 in. wide x 0.63 in. thick - higher elongation possible when used with a composite*
  • Flexural Strength = 8,339 lbs/in² 
  • (ASTM D790) - tested under a 169 lb. load with sample size equal to 0.76 in. wide x 0.62 in. thick - higher flexural strength possible when used with a composite*
  • Heat Deflection Temperature = 165°F 
  • (ASTM D648) - tested under a 78 oz. load with sample size equal to 0.45 in. wide X 0.50 in. thick - higher heat deflection possible when used with a composite*
  • Viscosity = approximately 2800 cPs at 75°F
  • Gel Time = 15 min. at  120°F, 60 min. at 83°F or 100 min. at 72 °F
  • Full Cure Time = 60 hrs. at 70°F or 24 hrs. at 90°F
  • Shelf Life = 12 months at 60-80 °F (depends on temperature, store in a cool, dry place)
  • All testing done with 100% resin sample only. Higher mechanical properties possible when used with a composite.
  • *Testing done by third party entity certified by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and full report is available per request. Mechanical properties can vary slightly with lots of materials, mixing and cure procedures and conditions.
  • Custom formulations may be available for your application by request.


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Our vegetable oil-based (VOB) two-part epoxy system relates to hypoallergenic and virtually non-toxic green organic resins for use in the formation of fiberglass and other fiber reinforced composites. During the curing stage, the VOB system does not vent off or contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and is non-toxic.

1) The VOB system has demonstrated elongation properties of more than 5-10 times that of the standard resin systems.

2) The chemistry of this VOB system allows for the formation of tough leather-like materials as well as a hard, but resilient materials. This lends itself to forming a wide array of products.

3) Because this material can form a firm leather-like material, it readily absorbs shock without initiating tears or cracks. When used to make fiberglass or other fiber reinforced composites, a product emerges that is very hard and yet shows exceptional elongation properties that enable it to absorb intense shocks without initiating failures. The resin and fiber work well together to produce the best properties in the composite.

4) Because of the system dependency on a catalyst, it is possible to vastly change the reaction rate without altering the properties of the cured material. This helps to simplify the system and make it more versatile.

5) An interesting feature of our green resin system is the way it works with our unique catalyst. The rate of cure is strongly dependent on the cure temperature and increases by a factor of 3-5 times with temperatures ranging from 60 °F to 90 °F. This allows one to use a catalyst level that provides a long working time at room temperature, but permits the product to cure in a short period of time, in a warm room, so that production rates are not slowed up. The cure rate is also very sensitive to the catalyst level. Small increases in the catalyst cause inordinately large increases in the cure rate which is not normally expected in chemical kinetics. 

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Eco Green Resin

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Part Number Legend

Eco Green Resin 

EGR = Eco Green Resin

Color = Dark Green

Consists of:

  *EGR-AResin (Part A)

   *EGR-BHardener (Part B)

1:2 System (One Part A to Two Parts B)

 > Heat A or B to decrease viscosity and prolong  curing time.

 > Heat A and B to decrease viscosity and decrease curing time.

Mechanical properties can vary with mixing and cure procedures, environmental conditions and humidity. High humidity can affect curing hardness and strength.


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